As a video blogger you need a tool that makes video blogging easy so you can focus on the content. We know just what you need and built our tools to your spec.

With our tools you can shoot your video on any smartphone, uploaded and be done. We do all the heavy lifting of producing the video; we add a leader, fly in the lower third at the start of the video, add a watermark, add the credits and even upload it to your YouTube account. Video blogging has never been easier.

Create it your way

You can use incrowd to create your video but we also play well with other specialized apps like Mixbit. Just create your video there and add it to incrowd through the camera roll or library.

Video production

Do you have your own leader? Add it to incrowd and we will add it to your videos before it’s uploaded to YouTube. The same goes for the credits roll and a watermark. It’s all added automatically, just set it and forget it.

Get that name

After shooting your video just enter the description and we put it in the lower third right on your video. Did you do an interview? Add their e-mail address and we will send them an e-mail with YouTube link when the video is published on YouTube. You can even create your own e-mails with any text, tag or link!

Instant upload

Uploading your video through incrowd is a breeze. We’ve developed custom technology to get your video online even if you have a slow internet connection. Videos are uploaded in resumable chucks to guarantee your upload. As soon as your video is produced we upload directly to your YouTube channel.

Plays (very) well with YouTube

We know it’s important to publish your video the right way. So you can customize the title, description and even tags of the videos you upload so they are automatically added. You can even define a specific playlist where the video should be uploaded to.