Vincent Everts featured on The Frank Peters Show

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After stealing the show at the Get In The Ring event in Rotterdam last month our CEO Vincent Everts was invited to join Frank Peters – one of the Get In The Ring ‘Champions’ – on The Frank Peters Show to talk about investing, angel funding and of course incrowd.

Frank Peters mentions on his blog:

Yes, it’s [incrowd] an interesting product, but more pertinent is Vincent’s reaction to my answers to his questions about angel investing here in California. Thought you’d find it eye-opening, too…

incrowd ‘winner of Get In The Ring’ according to Champion Frank Peters

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Frank Peters is angel investor, entrepreneur and blogs about it as host of the Frank Peter Show, one of the most popular angel investment blogs. He was one of the chosen ‘Champions‘ judging startups during the Get In The Ring finals in Rotterdam last week.

In addition to his hard-hitting questions during the finals, Frank also had some great things to say about us after the event on his blog:

Vincent Everts gave one of the most compelling pitches at Get In The Ring; plus, I’m already using his InCrowd video product.

It’s a simple idea, which is usually the best, with wide application. He could achieve the mantra I spoke of In The Ring: Rapid adoption in very large markets.

He went on to call incrowd the winner of the contest:

In my mind, he’s the winner of the contest this week. He was the only one to follow up with this Champion after the spotlights went dark. He conceded a game of chess to me, too; a draw after chasing me all over the board. Another winning tactic: Lose to any potential investor.


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